The time has come. The time is now.
For convenience to reign supreme, together with effortless style these should be the foundations on which we build the transportation of one’s daily required possessions.
For too long we have shunned the ways of old.
For too long we have thought we knew a better way.
We chastised the decade that brought them to us as the decade of fashion negligence but hey you, 1980’s…thank you…not just for bringing some of the greatest people into the world…but for Bumbags.
 For too long we have been deceived.
No longer shall we lament – which bag goes with which shoes or which outfit.
No longer will we agonise over small or large…nay we will again know but one option.
An option that will always be  ‘just right’.
Why should boys have all the convenience fun?
 Phone, wallet keys – all on their person?  With no chance of leaving anything behind?
Simply because they wear pants with pockets every single day?
It’s just not right!
For decade’s our brothers and sisters before us wore them proudly and with purpose.
Until one fateful day, they were ridiculed…
Ghetto says…damn that to hell! 
And we be bringing it back…. 
We are on a mission to convert all y’all who have lost your way. 
Seek the salvation. 
Hallelujah Hands-free